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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Games are over, all links to this blog were deleted so it'll probably fall fast 'n deep but who cares?

I made myself some sweet cash bloggin' here and in the end, that's what it's all about isn't it?

Have Fun ;-)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Casino blog unblocked

It looks like my blog for the online casino btdino contest has been blocked for quite some time. Apparantly they confused me for a spammer. I wonder where that idea came from :-)

April Simmons, a Grand Victoria Casino employee from Yorkville, Illinois, was killed in a car crash. She was nine months pregnant, but her unborn child could not be saved. John Homatas, 24, from Wayne, has been charged with reckless homicide and driving under the influence. Investigators claim the accident occurred as Simmons was making her way home from the casino. Homatas, who was driving in the opposite direction, crossed the center line at a high speed so he could pass other cars.

Homatas' passenger, John Chiarello, died as well. Homatas himself suffered horrible injuries and is currently in a drug-induced coma at the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.

China's 18th casino, the Emperor Palace Casino, opened in Macau this Thursday. About 20,000 people visited the casino on its first day of business, where an opening celebration was held with action film star Jackie Chan as the host. Other visiting celebrities included Michael Hui and Louis Koo.

The hotel-casino, built by Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited, holds over 300 brand new slot machines on three levels of casino gaming space, which also feature all of the classic table games, geared toward both high and low rollers. The casino also has a flashy entrance: 78 pieces of gold bars have been placed underneath the casino's lobby floor. They are heavily guarded 24 hours a day.

Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited's Executive Director, Vanessa Fan, was reported as saying, "The grand opening ceremony of our hotel has been scheduled for 20 January 2006. With the Macau economy developing rapidly and China continuing to relax travel restrictions, we believe the gaming industry in Macau will continue to boom and present us with abundant lucrative opportunities. "

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What's with the btdino?

The Missouri Gaming Commission ruled last week on three cases against the Isle of Capri Casino. The casino, located in Kansas City, will pay a total of $165,000 fines for disciplinary incidents that date back up to four years.

The incidents include a case in which the casino did not report to the Gaming Commission that a patron's purse had been stolen in September 2003. That same year, the casino failed to report a patron's complaint that he had been threatened with a knife and also did not inform the commission about a person who had tried to enter the casino using a fake ID.

The oldest case dates back to 2001, when the casino failed to report that a casino security staff member had taken a player into custody for questioning.

Fortuna Gaming Corporation, a company that “plans to become a leading mobile and online provider for the Internet gaming entertainment industry,” has inked a Letter of Intent to acquire an online casino company and all of its shares. The company has chosen to keep the casino's name confidential until the deal closes sometime in the beginning of next year's second quarter.

The acquisition will include an online gaming software platform that will support over 80 interactive casino games in 15 languages and four currencies. The company also expects the acquisition to bring it 65,000 active players, along with a database of 650,000.

Fortuna Gaming Corporation President, Doug Waugh, was quoted as saying, "This acquisition is a key component of the Company's growth plans as it brings an international player base of approximately 650,000 and a team of programmers and customer support personnel to the Company. Rather than growing the business organically, we can now offer our mobile and wireless products and technology to an established player base using the Seller's on-line casino products and systems."

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Woman admits casino theft

According to federal authorities, organizers of a phony marriage scheme courted individuals with major casino debts, offering them the chance to marry Vietnamese and Chinese nationals in exchange for annulling their gambling debts. These Asian citizens paid the gang large sums of money for their assistance in obtaining U.S. green cards in such an unusual manner. Among the hottest recruiting sites were the Morongo Casino and Resort in Cabazon, California, and the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California.

After a long-time investigation, U.S. officials arrested 55 individuals this week on suspicions of being involved in the phony marriage operation. In addition, Marian Therese Thai, a resident of Westminster, Colorado who is suspected of heading the organization, turned herself in to authorities on Friday. Thai is charged with conspiracy, harboring aliens, marriage fraud and other felonies.

Officials were reported as saying that the gang, called Operation Newlywed Game, was extremely complex. The operatives charged Asians up to $60,000 to wed American citizens with casino debts, who were willing to commit a felony for the right price. Thai is suspected of producing fake wedding pictures, love letters and joint tax returns. The scam was revealed by immigration agency employees who caught U.S. citizens petitioning for more than one spouse to be given green cards.

Heather Tallchief, 33, has turned herself in and pleaded guilty to bank and credit union embezzlement and passport fraud. The woman admitted driving a car full of cash from the Circus hotel-casino in Las Vegas to a garage, where her son's father and partner in crime, Roberto Solis, loaded it to another vehicle. The two fled the country and Solis, an ex-convict, remains a fugitive. Tallchief has lived in Amsterdam since 1993 under a fake name.

Tallchief reported she has no clue as to Solis' whereabouts, nor where the $2.9 million they stole is. However, she has agreed to repay the casinos' money by selling copyrights to any author or movie producer that may be interested in her story.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Caisno btdino online

Dan Bland, a Natchez developer who has been helping Cato promote the project, was reported as saying that a final approval by the Commission would mean that Cato can finally start constructing the casino, and it would show that he has already secured funding for the project. Also, according to Bland, the new casino is expected to create as many as 400 job vacancies for residents of Natchez. However, prior to producing a final approval to Cato's current casino request, Commission members must approve his revised site and development plan.

Customer service consulting firm Robinson & Associates, Inc. has published a new tip for the casino and gaming industry. The tip recommends that casino management motivate employees to provide good customer service to all casino customers, regardless of the depth of the their wallets.

“Challenge your employees to do a better job with guest service,” says the tip, which recommends sending workers to non-gaming companies with a great reputation in customer service. That way, the employees may see the level of service that they are expected to provide.

In addition, the management should set an example themselves. “When casino employees see management going out of its way to provide great service – and not just to high rollers – they respond. Outstanding guest service starts at the top.”

Florida developer Charles Cato plans to address the state Gaming Commission, asking Commission members to approve locating the Emerald Star Casino near Natchez. If the Commission approves Cato's request, the new casino facility will be located in proximity of the Mississippi River bridge, adjacent to the Ramada Inn Hilltop.

This is not the first time Cato is trying to have a casino construction plan approved. In 2003, Cato had already discussed with city officials the possibility of locating a casino at the city-owned Roth Hill property. However, since the parties failed to reach an agreement, the negotiations went down the tube.

David Halligan, 44, from Stockport, UK, was sentenced this past Friday to seven years in prison on account of conning £905,000 out of various victims in order to fund his gambling addiction. He then lost all the money in casinos across the UK over a period of 12 months.

Halligan's cigarette vending firm went bankrupt in 2001 after he used all of its money to gamble in casinos. At one point, he lost as much as £20,000 in one sitting at a Blackpool casino. He was jailed at Minshull crown court after pleading guilty to various charges of deception and conspiracy to defraud.