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Saturday, September 17, 2005

wireless casinos

We will not likely see cell phone wagering and PDA platforms in the early days of this new form of gaming, although that may be a possibility at a later date, when issues around underage gambling and authorized usage areas can be addressed on such devices. Initially, the most likely form of WiFi fun appears to be a solution developed by Diamond iTech of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Diamond iTech, or Diamond I, as they are commonly known, have developed a system of hand-held gaming devices that can be checked out from casino cash cages or hotel front desks. The units are based on proprietary biometric technologies developed by Diamond I, in which buttons on the units double as fingerprint readers to restrict access of the game to authorized users only. The user’s fingerprints and account balance information are stored on a smart card issued by the casino.

Following this development, the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) had announced that an open summit had been held to discuss the future of downloadable casino games. The summit was attended by representatives of 45 companies, not including the presenting companies.

GSA President Peter DeRaedt said, "It is clear that downloadable games are the future of the gaming industry; however, the potential is not without challenges for regulators, operators and manufacturers. We created this open forum to hear ideas from across the spectrum, enabling GSA's BOB committee to create the best possible solutions so that the future of downloadable games can become a reality"