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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yet another casino

In most situations, the player starts with an empty casino floor and some money. There are certain structures that must be built to make any money. A cashier booth is absolutely necessary. Also, helpful items like an ATM machine, restrooms, a janitorial closet and a maintenance room can be placed. There are several types of slot machines and video games, as well as gambling tables. Before a single gambling table can be placed, though, a Pit Boss Area is required. Advanced gambling tables and video machines require additional upgrades to the casino and some require gambling lessons.

Each object and structure can be somewhat personalized with a trim color. Several options are available for floor and wall coverings, to re-design the casino's appearance. There are wall hangings, couches, tables and plants for decorative purposes. Two themes also lend variety to the game, an Asian theme and a Monte Carlo theme, adding extra styles for games and service booths.

Customers are the heart and blood of making profit in any casino. Owners need their money, which means attracting them to the casino. Slot machines will get them in the front door, but to keep them, restaurants, hotels, gambling tables and bathrooms are good ideas. Emoticlouds, pictures that float above the guests heads periodically, will convey what they desire and their current thoughts can be viewed in the guest information screen.

There are two interesting types of interaction with the game. The first involves security cameras, guards and thieves. Once security cameras are placed around the casino, the player can look through the camera to try to detect thieves. Once detected, these thieves will have a thief emoticloud above their head and their outfit will be replaced with prison stripes. By clicking on the handcuffs, the thief is then escorted out of the casino. The second notable interaction is with the first aid station. Periodically, patrons may have heart attacks, and if the medic can get to the person before the devil, a symbol of death in Casino Tycoon, they will save that persons life. However, if the devil reaches the customer first, that customer will go poof ? and the overall number of customers the player has will decrease.