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Monday, October 10, 2005

Casinos make millions

About 72 percent of members who play poker online are men, down from 84 percent last year, she said.

For the typical customer, poker has become an expected part of their gambling vacation, said Lyle Berman, chief executive officer of Lakes Entertainment Inc., which owns the televised World Poker Tour.

"The average player wants a poker experience," Berman said. "If you don't have a poker room they're going to go somewhere else. They see it on TV and they expect to be able to play."

Seeing people play poker on television also gives players an excuse to go to Las Vegas or elsewhere to gamble, Curtis said.

"It entitles them to go back because they think they can beat the casino," he said.

Dalton said many casinos are making the mistake of slapping up a poker room in the back of their casino without spending the time and money to promote it or make it an important part of the casino floor.

They're saying, "We'll put it in and make a lot of money off it, too,' " Dalton said. "But you have to support it and make it high profile."