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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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The next day, I relaxed. I woke up late and spent the afternoon at the pool. I have spent so much time in hotel rooms; I wanted to hang out in the sun. During the evening, I had a nice dinner and then played some poker. I was staying at the Luxor and they had a poker room there. I asked what kind of games they had and they told me they had a $2-4 Limit game. I asked if they had something bigger and they told me they had $4-8. I asked them if they had something bigger than that and they told me they had No Limit. I told the guy I would take the No Limit and he told me it was a $50 buy-in game. I kind of laughed and told him I would play. I spent about an hour and a half in the game and then headed off to my room for some sleep.

The Ladies event started at 11:00am and I made it there with only a few minutes to spare. I started dominating from the moment I sat down. I raised with any two cards if I was in position and I took down a lot of uncontested pots. Finally, I had to show one of my hands and I couldn't have been happier about the situation. I raised in position with 64 of diamonds and I got called by the lady in the small blind (she was short stacked). The flop brought two diamonds and after she checked, I bet $250 into the pot. She had less than that and she called with second pair. I had to turn my hand face up and everybody at my table got to see one of my garbage hands. I made the flush on the turn and eliminated the first player from my table. A short time later, I knocked out two more opponents when I raised with pocket kings and got called in two spots. The flop was queen high. I bet $300, the second player raised to $600, the next player moved all-in for $500, I moved all-in behind her and was called. One player had QJ and the other had QK. I am positive that showing the 64 helped me win as many chips as I did on that hand.

At the first break, I had $6,000 in chips (we started with $1,000). I was probably the chip leader in the whole tournament, but it didn't last very long. The first hand back, the player under the gun raised the $100 big blind to $250 and I reraised to $800 with pocket eights. My reraise was enough to put her all-in if she called. All of the players folded to her and she called. She flipped up pocket aces and I lost. A couple hands later, I raised in position with pocket fours and the woman in the big blind moved all-in for an additional $150. I called her and she showed A3. She flopped a three and rivered a three. It didn't stop there and I found myself short stacked. Our table broke up right after I took the blinds and I got moved into the big blind at my next table. I took my blinds at that table and I got moved again. I got moved into the blinds again. I was totally irritated. I had to build my chips up and I wasn't going to be able to do it that way. I played about a round and a half and got moved again. I just knew I was going to get moved into the big blind again. To my surprise, I was in between the blinds so I got to come in after the button on that table. I figured I might have a chance to get something going again.