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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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I got moved to another table and John moved with me. I was still pretty short on chips and I needed to double up again. I lost most of my chips when I called a guy's raise with A3. He was short stacked and on the button, so I thought I had the best hand. He showed AK and took almost all of my chips. I posted the small blind and called when 3 other players limped into the pot. I was definitely getting the right price for my call and if I managed to flop a pair, I might have been able to triple up. I didn't flop a pair and ended up folding the hand. After that hand, I knew I had to play a hand within the round. My plan was to slide under the protection of any raise (any standard raise would have been larger than my chip stack). Finally, one player raised and I called without looking at my cards. My best shot was to be heads up with a player holding two live cards. To my disgust, one other player called. The first player turned up JT, the other player turned up A2 and I said, "I haven't looked at my cards yet." I turned them up and revealed pocket nines. I escaped the over cards and won a small pot. The next hand was my big blind and I posted the $600. I had $800 left and I knew I had to play the hand. All the players folded to the small blind and he moved in. I called and turned up 97 and he showed JT. The flop was T8x giving me the open end straight draw, but I didn't get there. I finished the tournament in approximately 150th place (they paid 100).

Mark Seif Shirley RosarioI went over to the final table of the $1,500 No Limit event to watch Mark Seif play. I had a strong feeling that he was going to win his second bracelet. One thing I know about Mark is that when he thinks he is going to win, he usually does. He approached me earlier in the day and said, "Can you say back to back?", so I knew he was feeling good. Mark ended up getting heads up with Minh Nguyen and beat him. The final hand was exciting. Mark raised to $100,000 (his standard raise), Minh reraised to $600,000, Mark moved in and Minh called. The flop brought a king and I knew the only way Minh could win was if he hit runner runner QJ. The turn was a nine and it was all over. Officially, this was not a back to back win, but it was for Mark. He left for Florida the day after his last win and stayed a few days. He came back to Vegas and won the next event. By 2:00am, I was exhausted and headed back to my hotel.