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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hacking online casinos

He says "maybe a few hundred," players have been banned by Party Poker, mostly for attempted collusion, something that is relatively easy for the software to spot. A bigger danger has been attempted extortion by hackers trying to crash the website. Such attacks have usually been preceded by demands to send money to obscure bank accounts in Russia.

"In early 2004 many sites in online gaming space went down and we went down multiple times," he says. "Since then we have been attacked a few times but we now have systems in place to fend it off."

PartyGaming, as it inches closer to the mainstream investment community, faces another issue of credibility - the fact that Ruth Parasol, another founder and owner of 20% of the shares, made her first fortune in internet pornography. Her husband, Russ DeLeon, also has a stake of the same size, so they are important figures. Parasol, a California lawyer, left the porn business a decade ago but Bhargava also knows the subject cannot be avoided.