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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Online adult dino

Her decision to invest in the "adult entertainment industry" in the US in the 1990s earned her millions of pounds. She set up premium rate adult chat lines and pornographic websites before severing all her links with the industry in 1997 in order to switch to on-line gambling.

Parasol, a lawyer, is credited with being the inspiration behind, the world's largest poker room.

Parasol, like her three co-owners, is not a poker player. She is married to Russ de Leon, a fellow American and a Harvard law school graduate, who is also a co-owner of PartyGaming. The couple, who have two children, act as consultants for the company and deal with the legal side of the business.

Meanwhile, Anurag Dikshit, a graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, is the computer expert in the company and the second co-founder. Dikshit, who is married with one child, devised the original software for and currently works as its group operations director.

The fourth co-owner is Vikrant Bhargava, 32, who went to the Indian Institute of Technology at the same time as Dikshit, and has a background in banking. He joined Party-Gaming in 2000 to handle the marketing side of the business. Bhargava, a married man with two children, said that when he joined the company it was involved in on-line gambling, but it already had aspirations to become involved in on-line poker.

"Early on we identified online poker as a cool business - something that we thought had real potential. The first on-line poker room went up in 1998 but in May 2000 we went to a poker conference in Montreal to learn more about the industry. We came back from Canada convinced that this was an area we should look at more closely."