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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Online sores

$10 internet gambler clicked on wrong link and ended up in the $10m World Series of Poker
WHEN Robert Guinther switched on his computer for a game of online poker, the most he thought he could win was a couple of hundred dollars. Little did he know that fate would deal him a slightly luckier hand.

Instead of entering a regular game with a $10 (£5.50) entry fee, as he had intended, he accidentally clicked on the wrong link and stumbled into a World Series of Poker satellite tournament costing ten times as much. Mortified at his error, but realising that there was no going back, he played on. By the end he had beaten 180 other contestants, scooped the $11,000 (£6,300) prize and earned a coveted seat at the WSP finals in Las Vegas, where there will be a prize pool of $100 million.

“It could be the best mistake of my life,” Mr Guinther, 65, of Killeen, Texas, said. “I’m just going to go out there to have some fun and, the good Lord willing, I might make something out of it. Everybody can dream.”

He added: “I must have touched the computer mouse with my thumb and clicked on the wrong game. Twenty minutes later I’m playing and playing and I think, ‘let me see what the payout is for this table’, and it said $11,000. And I think to myself, ‘this can’t be right’.”