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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Todays casino entry

"The average woman overcompensates and is too aggressive," he said. "They often assume men are trying to bully them. The key for women, they have to gauge which ones are the male chauvinists."

When facing a woman, men fall into two traps, he said.

"They play nice-nice with women or resent the fact the women are there," Negreanu said.

They play nice, Duke added, thinking they can get a date.

Harman's ability to read her fellow players makes her the favorite among the women.

She plays at the Bellagio hotel-casino in Las Vegas, home to some intense poker games. Some nights she'll gamble a half-million dollars of her own money. She doesn't blink when it comes to raising someone a few hundred thousand dollars.

"I have very good instincts," she said. "I play in the highest cash games in the world against the best pros in the world. You have to have instincts. I can size up eight or nine players in no less than a half hour."

Even with that, Harman, Duke and the other women will need more than ability if they want to make history. As with the men, they'll need Lady Luck.

"You have to be very patient to win this tournament," Duke said, "and get really lucky."