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Monday, November 07, 2005

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The robbery took place yesterday, just before 2a.m., at the Online Casino BTDino in Billings, Montana. A man, armed and masked, demanded money from the clerk at the cash register. Once the money was his, he darted out of the casino and was last reported running south. None of the casino's staff members or guests were harmed.

Witnesses claimed the casino robber was a white male, wearing a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and a black mask, wielding a dark colored hand gun. No suspects have yet been identified.

Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, Australia, values its Asian clients to such a degree that they are willing to cater to superstitions held by of some of them. After having previously hired the services of Feng Shui master James Zheng, who advised owners on where to place their equipment for good luck (although whether it's the casino's luck or the customer's is debatable), they have now hired Buddhist monks to preform a spirit cleansing ceremony.

Spokesman Gary O'Neill confirmed the incident, and reported that it all began when a couple of customers asked for the ceremony to take place after they complained about a poltergeist haunting the casino's lavatories. The three monks were hired to calm the worries of the casino's superstitious gamblers.

Online casino btdino signed a contract with several internet casinos to provide use of its SmartNet device over the course of five years. SmartNet's key features include high security protocols, which TVG developed in conjunction with Intel, for the safe transfer of money over the internet using a mobile device. SmartNet's security measures employ the Java smart card from Sun Microsystems.

As part of the agreement, TVG and BTDino Casino planned for joint construction of a new plant in Switzerland, to produce the SmartNet device. The corporations plan to finance the approximately $3 million with help from Swiss government tax-free benefits and loans.