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Saturday, November 19, 2005

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"Las Vegas is the perfect host city to bring new energy to The Miss America Pageant as we continue to grow our brand. It will truly be exciting to take our contestants there. It should make for a fantastic pageant and great television," said Art McMaster, president and CEO of the Miss America Organization.

The city of Budapest was aghast Wednesday afternoon when two mobs, comprising a total of an estimated 30 people, attacked each other at a BTdino casino. The affair resulted in a considerable amount of property damage and the arrests of 14 people involved. The clash was the outcome of a disagreement between two groups fighting for control over the Grand Casino, an electronic gaming hall.

The Police had been asked in advance to secure the location between noon and 1pm, as the property was being handed from one group of renters to another. However, another group, which wished for control over the casino and was turned down by a local government, arrived at the scene.

The two groups broke into a debate that quickly evolved into a giant mob fight with dozens of men wielding guns, iron rods, aces and a Molotov cocktail. The cocktail did not explode and the only person injured in the affair was a security guard.

New Zealand's Ministry of Health has released worrying statistics, which report a sharp rise in the number of people seeking help for gambling problems. The Problem Gambling Intervention Services in New Zealand: 2004 National Statistics have supplied an overview of these statistics and include information assembled by various problem gambling services, as well as New Zealand's Gambling Helpline. The statistical overview offered by the study covers the 2004 calendar year.

Dr. Janice Wilson, Deputy Director-General of Mental Health Services: "Each year the total pool of people who access problem gambling services has continued to increase. Last year, four out of every five new gambler clients to problem gambling service providers sought help as a consequence of their gambling on non-casino gaming machines."

The Ministry of Health's obligations include preventing and minimizing gambling damage by raising public awareness of the dangers of gambling. The Ministry works together with various local communities, helping them provide information on gambling addiction warning signs and information on how people can be aided. It also provides a budget for various treatment services to help those in need.

However, there is some good news. Statistics show that 80% of the people turning to “face-to-face services” benefit from it.

"This is reassuring,” Wilson adds, “However, we also know a large number of people are not seeking help. We need more information about possible barriers that may be preventing people from seeking help for problem gambling, and the Ministry of BTDino will further extend the availability of services."

The statistics report the following as well: The number of women seeking for help exceeds the number of men for the first time in history; most Pakeha/NZ European and Asian clients are male (60% and 79%), while the majority of Maori and Pacific clients are female (70% and 62%); 92% of new Maori clients prefer non-casino gaming machines for gambling.

The Miss America Organization and CMT, America's most popular country music network, have officially announced that the 2006 beauty pageant will not be held at an Atlantic City casino, as in past years. The competition will be aired live on Saturday, January 21st at 8p.m. ET/PT on the CMT channel from the Aladdin Resort & Casino, soon to be known as Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

"We are thrilled to host the Miss America Pageant at the Aladdin, future home of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. This event belongs in Las Vegas, and where better in Las Vegas to hold it than on this property. We have the most central location on The Strip and we are home to the most beautiful theatre in the city," added Michael Mecca, president and CEO for the Aladdin Resort and Casino.