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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Casino fights btdino

According to a recent report, Coast Casinos, a Las Vegas based casino facility fined for missing a predetermined reporting deadline, filed an appeal to the Lancaster County District Court. The report in question is regarding the casino's $970,000 contribution to the Keep the Money in Nebraska Committee.

The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission levied the fine, maintaining that the casino missed the Nov. 10, 2004 deadline, until which it was expected to submit the required documents. The Commission reportedly rejected the casino's claims that it misinterpreted the state law explaining how to calculate the fine. Also, the Commission argued that the law complies with the Legislature's intent, and that the casino is obligated to pay the $97,000 fine.

It was then that Coast Casinos went to court. Company attorney Michael J. Leahy was reported as saying that while the casino admits to missing the deadline, it disagrees with the amount decided upon. According to the company, the fine should equal $100 for each day the casino passed the deadline, and not 10% of the entire amount stated in the papers, as the committee decided.

Casino nights have become a popular way to raise money for various charities. Many San Jose, California, groups have realized how much money these events raise, and have planned casino events to raise money for different causes. However, the Almaden Business Association was stunned when the Attorney General's office put a stop to such an event event, stating that it was illegal.

Organizers of the event were upset upon receiving a letter stating that they had to cancel their Texas Hold 'Em tournament, as a great deal of planning went into the casino night. The letter was sent only three days before the event was meant to take place.

According to California law, it is a crime to offer casino games anywhere other than a card room or a tribal casino. Casino fundraisers are thus considered a crime, even if they raise money for a good cause.

State officials in Kentucky have secured a grant for $36,300 from the Office of Homeland Security, meant to assist in keeping terrorism out of bingo halls. The state Office of Charitable Gaming says it will use the grant to guarantee that money from bingo and pull-tab games will not be channeled to fund terrorism.

Not everyone agrees, however, that bingo halls in less populous states like Kentucky are terrorists' prime targets. For instance, in larger metropolitan areas, like New York and Los Angeles, experts say that some major facilities remain prone to attack due to lack of funding.

Legislators and politicians from rural districts understand the benefits of receiving homeland security grants. It is for these benefits that officials cite terrorism whenever they apply for grants, even if they intend to use the funding for other purposes.

While authorities at the Office of Charitable Gaming insist that they intend to use the grant to block the flow of Kentucky bingo money to terrorists before it can start, others feel that extra funding and more official attention should be paid to local "bingo pirates,” who infiltrate charitable gaming operations and end up taking cash meant for worthy causes.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Foxwood resort casinos

Foxwoods Resort Casino, by far the largest casino in the world, is upping the ante with regard to its poker offerings. The casino recently announced that it has a new, expanded poker room in the works, the addition of which would effectively increase the number of poker tables in the casino by 40 percent. Foxwoods' current poker room boasts 76 tables; the new addition would push that number up to 114.

Foxwoods, however, is taking care not to sacrifice quality in the face of quantity. The new, smoke-free poker room will make use of the latest card-room technology, from LED table components to automatic card shufflers and a cutting-edge seating system.

Foxwoods has already garnered a reputation as a major destination for poker, partially thanks to the World Poker Tour, which has made is the host venue for its final championship event. The new poker room, expected to open sometime in Spring 2006, will surely bolster the casino's standing in the poker community.

“We are continually striving to offer our customers the ultimate poker experience.” noted Kathy Raymond, Foxwoods' Director of Poker Operations. “More tables and cutting edge technology will translate into less waiting and more action for our players, as well as giving us an even greater opportunity to host premiere poker events.”

Everest Poker, an online poker room boasting a wide range of language options, has recently released its revamped internet site,, along with its operating poker software. The redesigned and updated version of the site also includes a new branded logo, which features an impressive graphic.

Matson Jones, Everest Poker's Art Director was quoted as saying that the architects of the new design expect the new logo to generate strong brand recognition in the online casino market. According to Jones, “the new logo has been optimized for use in Everest Poker promotional items such as clothing, playing cards, poker chips and more."

Also, Jonathan May, the Property Manager for Everest Poker said, “the new website, software and logo reaffirms our commitment to continue Everest Poker's leadership as the only true multi-lingual poker room on the Internet."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fight casino blog spam

It appears Genosha isn't the only place where mutants work for the “normal” humans. has “inked a deal” with Marvel Entertainment, and will shortly release new games to its site, featuring characters such as Wolverine, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and others.

"Our players demand the best, and that is exactly what we are providing them with Marvel Hero online slot machine offerings. These games have the best graphics, the most interactive options and the most entertaining bonus features of any casino on the web," said Peter Markus, InterCasino spokesman.

Ryan Hartley, InterCasino manager, was reported as saying, “We like to give our players an added incentive to game with us, whether through higher payouts, competitive rewards programs or innovative software. Our new Marvel Hero games are just another way of making InterCasino the most rewarding place to play."

Players can now join forces with Professor X in battling evil enemies during special bonus rounds, or go after military tanks and helicopters along with the Hulk. The online casino will feature detailed graphics, which are bound to leave Marvel fans, as well as casino fans, satisfied.

A new service has been launched to help in the war against online spam, Fight Casino Spam. Fight Casino Spam is an advertisement-free website, which is currently working on collecting and labeling spam email reports from spam victims web-wide.

Fight Casino Spam will build a list of spam emails, separating email lists into "black lists" and "white lists." The former will be given to online casinos and gambling establishments so they could freely spam them, while the latter will be comprised of players who wish to remain spam-free.

The site hopes to eventually become the standard by which all online casino organizations abide when it comes to email marketing. In addition, sites remaining clean of spam for a certain period of time will be awarded a special FCS seal of approval.

155 East Tropicana, LLC, announced last week that it has been granted a gambling license from the Nevada Gaming Commission. The company, which owns the Hotel San Remo Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, is currently renovating the hotel, and plans to rename it “Hooter's Casino Hotel.”

Until the company receives a license from the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board, the current operators, Eastern & Western Hotel Corporation, will continue to operate the casino and hotel. In addition, the hotel and casino's name will not be changed until all constructions and renovations are complete. East Tropicana anticipates that the grand opening celebration of Hooter's Casino & Hotel will be held in February, 2006.